dlg-logoThere isn’t a real support site for DLG at this point, but the following links may be of interest.

  • We have a page on Google Plus HERE.
  • We have a FaceBook page HERE.

The two are redundant in content.  While the G+ page is more likely to be buried when Plus is shut down, the Facebook page can be shut down due to inactivity by Facebook based on arbitrary rules I don’t understand.

(Well, actually, the rules are: if I pay money, they won’t do that. I get it.)

  • The current working source code, defect tracking, online documentation, and release management can be found HERE.
    • Current work is on the develop branch.
    • master gets updated when I cut a release (thinking fantastically into the future).
  • The source code for DLG2’s final release will be posted soon and linked from here.
  • Project management (work tickets) can be found HERE.

Yeah, I’m more organized than productive.  Post about that coming soon.