Fallen Heroes

BMRightRemember the OS Wars?

Back in the 80s and 90s my computing platform of choice was the Amiga, a feisty platform that offered lightweight realtime preemptive multitasking for a really good price. Along the way it established itself as the premiere platform for video and graphics, going so far as to become the platform that authored the graphics for the TV series “Babylon 5”.

Back then it was possible to be passionate about operating systems and computer vendors, as apposed to today’s excercise in choosing one shade of mediocrity over another.

My sweetie recently aquired for me the sticker you see above, the famous Amiga rainbow checkmark.  I fly this flag with pride, but also with regret.

Commodore and the Amiga suffered from mediocre management that managed to destroy the legacy of an extraordinary team of developers. That is my regret. That today we are met with a choice between two or three flavors of library paste and for some reason people manage to generate loyalty for one over the other.  Not me. I know what we lost.

What we lost is for the chance to see a better computing world. Even if you’re a Mac Head, your OS would have been better by virtue of having some actual competition. AmigaDOS alive and well and on its own would have pushed everyone to do better.

So I fly this particular geek flag in rememberance if the world that could have been rather than the world that was. Because we had hope, and fire, and ambition, and passion. And it was betrayed by a bunch of guys in the Caymans.

They reported it. It must be true.

security-breach-hack-hackers-epsilon-640x0There’s a distinction to be made between a “reported breach” and a “verified breach” that allegedly obtained user data.

“Verified” generally means that a known e-journalist took the time to verify that the information contained in the “reported” breach was, in fact, accurate.

But often the e-journalist doesn’t have access to the data or even a source to confirm that the breach is real, so the e-journalist will often downplay any breach reports that they haven’t verified (or seen solid confirmation of) because it downplays their brand.

To an e-journalist, the brand is more important than the facts.

The problem is, the real world doesn’t give two shits if they verified it or not. If actual data was breached, then it is available on the Silk Road or reasonable facsimile. End of story.

So the question to you, the user, is this: did you have an account there?

If the answer is yes, then change your password at the very least.

That is the survival guide to the internet, in a nutshell, right there.

The Conservative Worldview is Anathema to the Internet

A few weeks ago, some fuckstick Thought Leader of the #gamerGate movement got his Trusted status removed by Twitter because he was abusive. This is not my opinion, it’s his own admission. He admits to being abusive on Twitter, and wants that to be endorsed by Twitter.

To be clear: he’s still allowed to post, abuse, whatever those little douchcanoes do on Twitter – he can still do it.

But he no longer bears the mark of a trusted poster on Twitter. That’s it. His user icon no longer has a little blue checkmark overlaid on it. That’s the extent of the Liberal Machine’s impact on his ability to spew offal into your face.

And that really pissed him off.


Monkeyballs himself showed up at the White House (not White Horse) to actually spring the question at an official press conference as to what the Obama administration thought of fine sociopaths like himself being censored by such Liberal Establishments and what the Administration thought of this methodical silencing of the Conservative Movement.

Unfortunately for us, the Press Secretary didn’t call him names and insult his mother on national TV. But he sure looked like he wanted to.

So let’s be clear on this, Righties. The culture of the Greater Internet has no place for you right now. Our Nation operates on principles that are somewhat more egalitarian than Conservative wisdom itself would be able to tolerate.

The reason you feel that the Internet is censoring you is because we ARE. We have no room for you or your pathetic worldview. And we are showing you the door. Site by site, forum by forum, we’re cleaning up and pushing you out of our venues.

Oh, don’t worry. You still have the right to express yourself. We’re not going anywhere near your Klan meetings, or your Lynching parties, or your book burnings. You can have those. Enjoy, as only a Conservative can.

But the Internet is ours. And we will continue to defend it.

Someday you’ll grow up and understand that it’s possible to be in favor of small government and financial conservatism without also being in favor of bullying, inequality among peers, and religious intolerance. And when that happens, we’ll welcome you back to our ranks, and we will each benefit from your returning to the ranks of Humanity.

But right now, your worldview sucks and you’re just not welcome as long as you bring that to table. Sorry.

Some would say that this methodical exclusion of Conservative cockwaffles is itself a form of bullying.  Well … no it isn’t. Listen, I’ve been bullied. I know what it’s like.  You’re being excluded, not bullied. Totally different thing.  I’ve also been excluded, and it feels totally different. Lot less bleeding, for one thing.