Your place

That’s a great MMO you wrote there. I’m sure your mother is very proud.

But look at  this.

It’s the size and shape of a grand piano. It was launched at over six times the speed of a bullet at a pea being orbited by a BB over three billion miles away. And when it got there, it put down the phone and snapped tons of pictures while skimming past the pea and the BB at 30,000 MPH. All on its own. And then, it located Earth and let us know it was okay.

Your lovely Web App bears about as much resemblance to “computer science” as “Chopsticks” does to Wagner’s Rings saga when compared to what these programming Titans did. 

Giants walk amongst us, and it is during weeks such as these that we are forcefully reminded of our place in the programming universe.  I don’t care how sweet your Android app is.  It is fit for little else but a sacrifice to the Programming Gods that gave us this.


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